J.M. Hornbeck Adjustment Company Inc.
Insurance Adjustment, Investigation and Services


Our History:

We are proud of a long history of service to the insurance industry extending a prior generation to company owner Jonathan Hornbeck parents. Stephen P. Hornbeck Sr. was employed by The Hanover Insurance Company in New York City as Superintendent of Claims retiring in 1976. He began with the company working as an automobile loss adjuster, and ended his career in charge of the NYC Office Claims Department. He served in the United States Army as a Captain in World War II in the Philippines. His proud service to his country, as well as sharing his industry experience over the years is a source of pride and very fond memories for Jonathan, who accompanied his father to his office during school holiday's on many occasions, and also on appointments on Saturday's from time to time. Edith McElroy Hornbeck was the Secretary to the President of the Home Insurance Company in NYC prior to marriage and beginning her family life. Her Father Herbert was in the Banking and Insurance industry on LI,NY. in the 1930's. Edith put her career aside to raise her four children. Both parent's were huge supporter's and motivator's and were exceptionally proud of their youngest son when he started his own business in 2000. Jonathan's oldest brother Stephen P. Hornbeck Jr. was an Adjuster working for several Independant firms in Western MA. upon moving to the area in the mid 1970's. Steve hired Jon in 1987 as an adjuster in the Pittsfield office, and trained him well sharing his vast and excellent knowledge. Sadly, Steve died in 1991 due to a terrible illness. Surely the two brother's would be in business together today if Steve hadn't passed. Jon carries on the proud legacy of his late parents and brother.

In 2000, Jon started J.M. Hornbeck Adjustment Company Inc. with a broad client base formed through trusting relationships built with clients throughout the US. Those relationships are all that matters, and have been expanded and built on since 2000. Mr. Jack Pinkerman came on board (after retiring from his prior company) in early/mid 2000 and added his 30+ years of experience giving added credibility to the company. Jack established the Springfield, MA. office and made it an instant success handling a variety of large and complex losses during his tenure with the company. Jack is the one of the finest gentleman Jon has ever met.  A trusted and special friend, confidant, and mentor. His friendship with Steve Jr. was deep, and he carried that on with Jon teaching him valuable lessons all the way back to when they began working together [with Steve] in the late 1980's. Jack retired after 12 years with J.M. Hornbeck Adjustment Company in 2011 to spend more time with his lovely wife and children, and his grandchildren. Thankfully, he remains available as an advisor and close confidant, as well as assisting in large complex claim matters and storm situations as a consultant. Jack's friendship and service is one of the proudest accomplishment's of this venture. 

History and relationships are the foundation of what this company has been built on. We are so thankful and appreciative of all that have contributed to this journey, and look forward to continued service with our current clients and the establishment of new relationships along the way. 

Jā€‹.M. Hornbeck Adjustment Company, Inc. has been serving the Insurance Industry since 2000, providing professional and reliable services with solutions to complex claim issues. 
Services include: Property and Casualty Claims Adjustment, Investigation, Underwriting Inspections and Risk Management. Our experience also includes serving many times as a member of Reference/ Appraisal panels for loss mediation. Our adjuster's are located throughout New England to afford excellent service area coverage.

Our Mission:  
To earn your trust through our first interaction and to have your loyalty and respect by our last.